January 29, 2009

Paradise Priced Perfectly

This is how Naples is being advertised at the moment.
Personally, you could charge me as much as you want to be in paradise, I'd still happily pay it.

We are expecting a cold snap this upcoming weekend. It will reach a low at night of 39 degrees and 64 for a high during the day on Saturday. Try not to laugh when you actually encounter ladies in fur coats. No joke. If I get a chance this weekend, I might be able to snap a picture and will post it for your amusement.
It might be a bit chilly this weekend for one of these exhilarating rides, but if you get the chance don't miss out. The Everglades are spectacular.

Enjoy the day.

January 28, 2009

Weather, Worries & Information

Not to rub it in, but watching the national weather news, is one of our favorite past times here in Naples. Especially during these down trodden economic times, all your worries and troubles seem to weigh on you just a little less when the sun shines. You leave your house in the morning and the sun is shining, the palm trees are swaying and the flowers are in full bloom. Not a bad way to start your day right? Today is one of the of those above mentioned days here. It's 82 degrees and sunny, a nice breeze and the Northeast and other parts of the country are being pummeled by snow and ice.

This guy or gal seems to be enjoying where he is. Another good day for fishing off the beach.

I wonder if these guys worry?

It's a busy week in Naples. Many visitors here from all over the country and abroad. I'm assuming most are escaping the inclement weather in their respective cities and towns.
If you happen to be lucky enough to be visiting Naples this coming weekend here's some information that might be of interest.

There's the annual "Run for the Paws". A wonderful family oriented healthy 6K walk/run benefiting the Humane Society.

Historic 3rd Street south, has a new restaurant called Sea Salt, and it's getting wonderful reviews by national magazines. Check here.

"Friday Night Toast" at Shula's Steakhouse has become a local favorite. A complimentary beverage together with appetizers are served to help usher in the weekend.

Last but not least, the different wind and weather patterns have made for some excellent shelling on the beaches.

Make it a great day!