May 20, 2014

Taking Pride in What We Do

Congratulations to Janeth Padilla for being honored with the Hilton Naples & Shula’s Steak House 1st Quarter 2014 "Pride Award".
Evi Lysik, Clark Hill, Janeth Padilla & Julia Lanzet at the Pride Awards
Janeth is a valued member of our Guest Services team. A notable example of how she goes above and beyond took place last week when a guest asked for chocolate chip cookies.  We did not have chocolate chip cookies available that day so Janeth called down to our Chef and had some baked fresh.  She delivered the cookies with a cold glass of milk to the guests room.  This is just one of many ways Janeth embodies the Hilton brand promise to ensure every guest feels cared for, valued and respected.

1st Quarter Pride Award Nominees
Congratulations to the following team members who were also nominated for the 1st Quarter Pride Award. Thank you for all you do.  You make us proud!

  • Claude Thompson – Culinary
  • Paul Alba – Banquets
  • Tracy Duhaney –Sales / Catering

May 7, 2014

Grab those paddles!

This weekend, the 38th Annual Great Dock Canoe Race takes place in downtown Naples, Fla.! This is arguably Naples' most popular event. Each year, thousands of people, from young children to grandparents, celebrate the Race on land, dock and bay.

The theme for each year is different and the costumes and headgear of the participants and spectators are as much a part of the day as the paddling and huffing and puffing. "Some canoeists are just out there for the fun of it, and upside down canoes at the starting line are not uncommon. Still, there are serious contestants who begin training early for the race, which covers just over 3 miles on Naples Bay."

The Theme for this year's event is 'Zombies in paradise' so dust off those zombie costumes, grab a paddle and join in the fun!